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"He who would travel happily must travel light."

- Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, French writer & aviator

Samantha Caccamo

Founder & CEO Social Business Earth, Social Entrepreneur, Writer

Born in Bologna, Italy, Samantha Caccamo holds a BA in Journalism with a Minor in Asian Studies from Pepperdine University, Los Angeles. She became interested in Grameen’s Microcredit and Social Business after reading Professor Muhammad Yunus’ books and attending some of his lectures in Europe. She then began to actively support his work and his new model of capitalism based on social business to eradicate poverty. She visited Bangladesh several times to participate in intensive training programs at Grameen Bank and immerse herself in the Bangladeshi culture. She learned face to face the benefits of Professor Yunus’ methods on the ground to empower the poor and build an inclusive system for them which provides not only microcredit loans without collateral but also healthcare, education, housing, technology and above all the chance to live a dignified life. In 2011 after working for years as an administrator in academia she founded Social Business Earth, the first social business in Switzerland created following Prof. Yunus’ principles. The company’s mission is to spread and implement social business in the world. She has worked as a volunteer for several NGOs in developing countries as well as in Italy to assist the poor. She is an advocate of poverty eradication through Social Business and believes that redesigning a new and inclusive economic system is the first step towards a world without poverty.


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Social Awareness

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Social Awareness

About Social Business Earth

It was a cold snowy January evening when I first met Nobel Peace Laureate Muhammad Yunus at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. We had dinner… Read more