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"Our bodies are our gardens to which our wills are gardeners."

- William Shakespeare, English author

Jenni Madison

Founder Director Coconut Magic

Jenni is an entrepreneur whose journey has taken her from the strategic and corporate business world of branding and creative marketing, to a career in the development health consciousness. Jenni’s discovery of organic coconut oil in Thailand was a catalyst in giving birth to her mission and her company Coconut Magic. Organic coconut oil is Mother Nature’s Magic and a Natural Body Medicine. Jenni’s passionate vision for Coconut Magic is to raise awareness of the amazing health benefits and versatility of organic coconut oil and related natural health and lifestyle products. Radiant health is what Jenni embodies in her professional and personal life. Her message is for us to embrace an holisitc approach to healing by using healthy foods, body mind medicine and a return to Nature for our own personal empowerment. www.coconutmagic.com


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