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"It does not matter how slowly you go so long as you do not stop."

- Confucius, Ancient Chinese philosopher

Nitin Orayan

Writer, Philosopher, Founder of Learning Space Foundation in India

Nitin was raised in Mumbai, India, where he completed his schooling and post-graduate studies in Mass Communications at a reputable institution. From his early days in school, he was drawn to philosophical thought and self-searching. In his search for truth, he studied many translations of ancient scriptures, especially the Vedanta and other eastern treatises like the I Ching, Lao Tzu’s writings on Taoism, and the Zen wisdom. Nitin lives in Ganeshpuri, India where he writes regular articles for Dia. Besides being a great writer, Nitin has also set up a non-profit educational service called “LEARNING SPACE” in the tribal region of the Thane District for promoting better education for children and youth (www.learningspacefoundation.in). Dia is delighted and grateful for his contributions!


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Social Awareness

The Heart’s Whisper

To serve another selflessly, there needs to be deep and abundant love. Service that is offered and rendered to benefit the receiver, for no reward in return… Read more
Social Awareness

The miracles of the Universe

Learning Space even though overtly an educational program with a mandate to serve rural education needs, began as a vision for every child to discover… Read more

Viveka - Buddhi: Living in Unconditioned Awareness

The Right to Clear Unconditioned Awareness. Read more

Completely Serving Aliveness

It is truly amazing to believe that some of us grow up and spend our entire lives with a question deeply bothering us - “HOW REAL IS THIS LIFE?”. If… Read more

A Parable in Tribute

A Parable written as a tribute to the saint Nityananda of Ganeshpuri (MH), India who recognized me in completeness with his divine spirit when I walked… Read more

The changes we go through

'Everything has a beginning and an end’ is the simple core principle that rules our lives in this world that we live in. This maxim leads us beautifully… Read more

He who can live for filling happiness in others deepens his connection with Universal Consciousness

In my experience of living this lifetime, I may have undergone a million experiences as moments were faced with fear, anxiety, helplessness, dejection,… Read more

Awareness through the eyes of Nitin Orayan

A blind man cannot identify with the splash of colors just as the sounds of string would hold no meaning for the deaf… the sense of beauty is only an… Read more