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"The vitality of thought is in adventure. Ideas won't keep; something must be done about them. "

- Alfred North Whitehead, English philosopher & mathematician

David Dodd

Writer, Lifecoach, Yogi

David works as a business and life coach in the Netherlands and UK. He is also a yoga teacher with a passion for making yoga philosophy real. The common thread of his work is in facilitating his clients in growing their fulfillment and enjoyment in their work and life as a whole, using the tools of awareness, internal motivation and action. David works both with individual clients and groups. For more information and to see how he can support you, go to www.awareness-and-change.com.


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Breaking The Chains Through Yoga - Awareness Made Actionable (9)

In India they tell a story about how they train elephants to stay in one place. The story goes like this. When the elephant is young they tether it to… Read more

Awareness Made Actionable (8): Letting Go Of Stress

Stress is a natural reaction to certain situations - it is part of life. Stress however becomes a problem when it becomes chronic and we find ourselves… Read more

Awareness Made Actionable (7): Taking a Purposeful Risk!

One of the most powerful archetypes in traditions East and West, and down through the ages, is that of the warrior. Think of the Samurai of Japan, the… Read more

Awareness Made Actionable (6): Rubbing Up To A Big Idea

The philosophies of the East have a big idea in common, and the big idea is the truth of connection. It is an idea that states that we are all connected,… Read more

Awareness Made Actionable (5): The Very First Time

November 5th is fireworks night in England. It's when we celebrate something that did not happen – when Guy Fawkes and his accomplices were foiled at… Read more

Awareness Made Actionable (4): I am NOT on a spiritual path!

I hang out a lot with spiritual people. People who practice yoga, meditation, or some other form of spiritual discipline. So do I. People who keep disappearing… Read more

Awareness Made Actionable: Get Curious!

I want to make one thing clear up front, and I invite you to sit up and absorb this with your whole being because this is important: curiosity did not… Read more

Awareness Made Actionable: What are your triggers and what are you choosing?

It is all too easy to limit growing our awareness to our allocated practice times: those times when we sit down to meditate or when we roll out our mats… Read more

Activate your Awareness

Our lifestyle choices – such as the work we do, how we live and shop, where we vacation - are about how we act, and produce effects, in the world around… Read more