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"An intellectual is a particular kind of educated, for not only is he able to do things; but, more importantly, he is able to understand why things are done."

- Dalí ten Hove, Diaforlife contributor

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Social Awareness

The Tragedy Of The Animals

When slaves yearned to be relieved from the oppression of their masters, it was they who staged a series of revolts, of active protests to disseminate… Read more

On Skepticism and Doubt: A Disclaimer

It’s been 6 months since I last wrote an article for this journal; that is quite a while, and my inactivity is no mere product of haphazard. I have been… Read more
Social Awareness

A brief thought on civil disobedience.

Civil disobedience is a slippery slope down into anarchy; it is thus utmost natural that, from the state's point of view, people cannot engage in it without… Read more
Social Awareness

Isn’t Democracy a little Undemocratic?

Democracy; funny concept is it not? Popular control, political equality. We make such a fuss about it! At home, different candidates whether individuals… Read more

Some sort of emptiness.

Whilst far detached from what is loosely termed spirituality, I do, as I am sure many others like me do too, yearn for more than existence offers.… Read more
Social Awareness

One day.

The end of history.  Read more

Making good (or at least not bad) use of reusable bags

Although Tim Minchin’s Canvas Bags (view video at bottom of article) might be considered a little too wacky, it does make a darn good point. Employing… Read more

Carbon Offsets: Polluting without Polluting?!

As determined by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) in their 2007 Fourth Assessment Report, worldwide temperatures are in fact rising… Read more

A little something called the Greenhouse Effect

If you choose to delve into the magnificent world of Diaforlife – a realm in which you will find a community of people actively cooperating for the betterment… Read more

Sustainability starts with you

Our time is that of scarcity. And thus of choice. The rapid depletion of natural, non-renewable resources poses a threat to sustainability: will… Read more