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"Do what you can, with what you have, where you are."

- Theodore Roosevelt, US president

Debra Riordan - Ayurveda Practitioner in San Francisco, USA

By Sharda ten Hove on 21 June 2012

Debra Riordan is a highly competent Ayurveda health practitioner, herbalist and coach in San Francisco. She has treated over a thousand clients with successful results and is specialized in treating chronic conditions, allergies and digestive disorders.

Debra will meet with clients to design an individualized treatment program after a thorough diagnose (defining a clients birth and current constitution through questioning, pulse and tongue diagnose).
The tools that are offered are: nutrition, vitamin and supplement guidance, cleansing programs, yoga, meditation and relaxation, lifestyle recommendations and much more.

I was happy to meet in person with Debra for a full consultation. The outcome was very clarifying and has helped me a lot in gaining insight in my own life. And even if you are already conscious regarding your food choices and lifestyle, you can always learn and improve.
If you are in the San Francisco area and you have the opportunity then schedule an appointment with Debra, if you are in other areas then Debra is also available for Skype consultations.

The practice is located in a residential area of San Francisco on a street where you can also find a vegan restaurant (www.lovinghut.com) and an organic grocery store as well as various coffee shops.

For more information, address and scheduling an appointment visit www.debrariordan.com



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