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"The ultimate goal of democracy is a society of self-confident citizens."

- Stuart Weird and David Beetham, Socio-political scientists & theorists

Interview Lisa Mundembe-Chuma –  Founder of the online magazine Inspirational Women Connecting

By Sharda ten Hove on 31 October 2012

Lisa is the founder of Inspirational Women Connecting, an online career and business development magazine with the purpose to educate and empower women accross the world. We met in London with this young, ambitious and positive mother of 2 children and it's our pleasure to share with you Lisa's thoughts and ideas on how work towards a world where women have the freedom to pursue their dreams and feel supported and united.

You founded Inspirational Woman Magazine in 2011 and have been helping to support women for much longer. Can you tell us some more about this?

It is my mission to see women stand together in unity despite race to witness young girls dreaming big dreams and achieving them. I want to be a positive influence to as many women as I can reach out to. It is my mission to see women from all over the world help each other, appreciate each other, inspire each other, promote each other and support each other. I want to see a magazine that will make the above possible hence Inspirational Woman Magazine. And because I want to see all this, I believe it is my responsibility to make it happen. I also want to see change amongst women relationships - change for the better. This is what keeps me going. I want to be known for giving women a platform to share their stories, women who have stories to share but no one wants to hear them - Inspirational Woman Magazine wants to hear your story because it matters and it can inspire another woman. Inspirational Woman Magazine is a platform for positive messages and it gives content that does not expire.

You have readers from all over the world with all sorts of different backgrounds. Do you feel that these women all connect, respect and support each other? How is this apparent?

I have seen the respect the women give each other even on simple things like facebook quotes that they feel and see things differently. No one has ever tried to say to another you are wrong but instead they have respected the others point of view. It is amazing to see and most importantly to facilitate.

Can men also subscribe to your magazine or is it strictly a magazine by and for women?

Yes - men are more than welcome to subscribe to our magazine. I am sure there is something in each of our issues that they too can pick up, which will inspire them.

As a role model yourself, you have risen above the difficulty of being a single mother and that experience has given you inspiration to reach out to other women. In your opinion, what could be done on a larger scale to support women who are alone and/or in difficult situations?

I personally think the responsibilities are for other women who are in stronger situations to reach out to lone parents and support them. We all need to fill in where we can because even a lone parent can help the ones who are strong today. It is all our responsibility to help and support those that are weak today because these same people might be strong tomorrow when you are weak. Being a lone parent is a result of many different things so it is nothing to be ashamed of nor is it a form of weakness because it can happen to anyone. The best we can do is support one another and be there for each other without judgement.

You are a mother of 2 small children while running an international online magazine. How do you balance being a mother as well as a businesswoman?

I am more a mother than anything - my first role is being a mother and everything else follows after. I do not take the role as a mother lightly, and it is also one role that I have refused to fail so all I do regarding the magazine comes after I know my children are OK. This is the role that I believe is PRICELESS and I have a responsibility to change the world via my children so I have to equip them fully without fail as long as I can. This role is the most important and everything else comes after that.

What more can we expect from your organization in the future?

We are growing and are now branching to offer the magazine in different languages. Look out for us - starting with German.

Do you have a message that you would like to share with our readers?

We all have an important role to play in this world and we all are important. Let us be proud of who we are and also help who we can. The world is slowly moving to a pay it forward world and I want to encourage you to pay it forward. If you can help, please help and encourage that person to also help others.

Thank you Lisa!

Read more about the magazine on: www.inspirationalwomenconnecting.com

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