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"The vitality of thought is in adventure. Ideas won't keep; something must be done about them. "

- Alfred North Whitehead, English philosopher & mathematician

Interview with Social Entrepreneur Bettina Moss

By Editor on 01 June 2012

During the process of creating Diaforlife, we were very lucky to meet and connect with Bettina Moss who is working and living in Cape Town, South Africa. Bettina is a writer, speaker, mentor and facilitator in the field of Personal Development and Women's Empowerment. In 2010, she founded GloWoman®, an online network for women to connect, share resources, be empowered and inspired to live their most joyful lives. She offers empowering talks and seminars, workshops, consultations and mentor sessions to individuals, groups and organisations to help women develop their personal power, manage stress, embrace their joy, and enhance their well-being. She is driven to connect and share resources with women around the world with the hope of encouraging and inspiring each other on their GloWoman journey.

“Be Empowered and Inspired to Get Your Glow On™. When We Get our Glow On, We Light Up our World!”
She originally started her career in journalism before moving into public relations and brand communications. After spending 15 years working as a brand strategist to corporate clients such as Vital Health Foods, Associated Magazines Corporate, Woolworths, O the Oprah Magazine, WWF (UK), Cosmopolitan, BoE Private Clients, she now offers strategy, facilitation and mentorship in the field of Enterprise Development to support small and medium enterprises with building powerful brands. She extended the GloWoman® brand into GlowBusiness®, to assist business owners to align their business with the principles of Conscious Capitalism business strategy, to benefit and uplift all stakeholders.
Read the full interview with this amazing social entrepreneur. We know she will vibe up and enrich your lives with her inspirational articles.

How did GloWoman emerge?

GloWoman evolved naturally, organically and easily as an expression of who I am and what I do, and a desire to Spread the Glow as far as it can go!

How do you glow and inspire others?

I’m blessed to have a naturally optimistic and cheerful nature and I love to laugh! I’m always able to see the funny side, and it helps to have a sense of the ridiculous.
I’m blessed with the ability to see potential in every situation and the ability to communicate this, which inspires people to understand and realise their own potential.

What does being a social entrepreneur mean to you?

To be honest, I don’t understand how one cannot be a social entrepreneur - business is social, life is social…and we are all here to serve, benefit and uplift one another – in business and in life.
If you’re only uplifting yourself and not creating value for others, your business is not going to be sustainable in the long-term.

Can you explain the term conscious capitalism and GloWoman’s involvement in this?

When I first read about Conscious Capitalism, I realised that the concept resonated deeply with me.
Conscious Capitalism is about aligning your business with a purpose greater than mere financial return, and creating value to benefit and uplift ALL stakeholders.
You can read more about it here http://www.consciouscapitalism.org  
One of the services that I offer, is as a mentor and coach to start-up entrepreneurs and I assist them to incorporate the principles of Conscious Capitalism into their business and brand strategy.

Do you have any advice for (young) women who are starting as a social entrepreneur?
Align your business with your purpose and passion . Lead by example and create a culture that inspires all those in your organisation and value chain to fulfil their potential to uplift themselves and others.
Rock your P-Spots! Positivity, Purpose, Passion, People, Planet, Profit

What does the world need in our time and how can we inspire people to engage in providing this need?

When each one of us shifts our individual consciousness out of fear, and into Love, we open up to awareness, understanding and compassion – for ourselves, and for others.
When we raise our consciousness and embrace Oneness instead of separation, we realise that what serves us, serves others and serves the world as a whole.
It all starts with loving ourselves. When we Love ourselves and embrace our JOY, we send our message of Love into the world and inspire others to do the same.

Do you have any other message to share with our readers?

Life is not a struggle to be endured and tolerated. This is Your Wonderful Life! Celebrate it!
Express your Love and Creativity and have FUN while you’re getting it done!  Rock your Happiness, tune into your JOY and Get Your Glow On!
When we Get our Glow On, we Light Up our world

Thank you Bettina!!

For more tips and resources to Get Your Glow On, visit the GloWoman blog.