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"The vitality of thought is in adventure. Ideas won't keep; something must be done about them. "

- Alfred North Whitehead, English philosopher & mathematician


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Fundraising for Orphanage Deenabandhu in India - Help a child have a good night rest!

Anouk Prop, yoga teacher and psychologist originally based in Maastricht, the Netherlands is a dedicated ambassador of Yoga Gives Back the Netherlands… Read more

Doorstep Library - bringing the joy of reading to the homes of deprived families in London, UK

Doorstep Library is a charity that brings books and the magic of reading directly to the homes of children in some of London's most disadvantaged areas.… Read more

Centrepoint - The organization helping young homeless people to get their lives back

Centrepoint is a UK based charity organization. Their vision is to end youth homelessness and their mission is to everyday give homeless young people a… Read more

Cool Earth - Protection of the Rainforest

Cool Earth is a charity that does one thing; halt rainforest destruction. There are many organisations trying to do the same thing. The unique thing about… Read more

Africa Yoga Project

Africa Yoga Project is an organization dedicated to delivering all that yoga has to offer to the diverse communities of East Africa.The mission of Africa… Read more