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"Together we want to help the world see and believe in a better future."

- Ban-ki Moon, UN Secretary-General

Cool Earth - Protection of the Rainforest

By Cool Earth on 25 March 2013

Cool Earth is a charity that does one thing; halt rainforest destruction. There are many organisations trying to do the same thing. The unique thing about Cool Earth is that it really works. This is because Cool Earth does things differently.

Cool Earth doesn’t create reserves or put up fences. It doesn’t buy land.
Instead, Cool Earth helps indigenous people take control of the world’s most endangered rainforest.
These people have lived in the forest for countless generations and will lose the most if the trees are lost.
They are also the rainforests most effective guardians.

amazon rainforestWorking in partnership with communities in the Amazon, the Congo Basin and Papua New Guinea, Cool Earth has already saved over 330,000 acres of forest. This forest lay directly in the path of loggers. It is now controlled and protected by the communities who live in it.
More importantly,this forest is a secure buffer that protects many millions of acres of adjacent forest.

For 2013, Cool Earth will be taking their work global, protecting 100,000 more acres across three continents – continuing the most effective and efficient way we have to halt deforestation.

The idea behind Cool Earth is that if we can help to conserve an acre then we can make a real difference. Perhaps the biggest difference we will make in our whole lives.” 
- Sir David Attenborough

Cool Earth has a real plan to save the rainforest. If we don’t save the rainforest we can forget about it, we won’t save the planet. Cool Earth is our only hope.”
- Dame Vivienne Westwood

cool earth
Find out more about Cool Earth and how you can help protect the rainforest on: www.coolearth.org