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"Change your thoughts and you change your world. "

- Norman Vincent Peale, Progenitor of the Positive Thinking theory

Doorstep Library - bringing the joy of reading to the homes of deprived families in London, UK

By Sharda ten Hove on 09 June 2015

Doorstep Library is a charity that brings books and the magic of reading directly to the homes of children in some of London's most disadvantaged areas. They do this because poor reading skills are inextricably linked to economic disadvantage and reduced life possibilities.

The marvelous work that the volunteers of Doorstep Library do improves not just reading skills, but confidence, self-esteem, articulacy, social integration, academic performance and even long-term employment prospects. Words have the power to take children places, not just in their minds, but in their lives.
children doorstep library

I myself am a volunteer for this amazing organization, it just takes me a few hours per week but a whole lot of joy to these children whom I have begun to care so much for that it’s hard for me to now skip a week (as I signed up to be a back up).
It is hard to witness the challenges that families have to struggle with at just 20minutes away from where I live.
Read about my first experience with Doorstep Library here

Doorstep Library is always looking for volunteers, just drop them an email and you will be invited for a first meeting. Guaranteed you can only gain from this experience.

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