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"Buying fair trade is good for the soul, just as buying organic is good for the body."

- Stan and Marci Thekaerkara, Social-justice advocates


By Fair Water on 30 May 2012

FairWater is the leading organization to develop and promoting the “ Sustainable Blue Zone” concept, the best solution for sustainable water in rural communities in Africa through the through the implementation of the solid and sustainable Dutch Blue Pump that are installed and maintained by a regional and professional organization.

Contrary to popular believe, Africa is not the problem. More and more, it becomes clear that the key to sustainable water supply is mainly in the hands of the donor community. Water projects funded by donors are only focused on numbers of water points and neglect sustainability.

In the meantime, donors continue their core business, which is fund raising, because “every 20 seconds a child dies because of lack of water”. Obviously, if donor water projects were more sustainable in the past, most of these kids would still have water.

FairWater does not believe in “charity projects”. The FairWater message is about a global view and awareness on how water plays an essential role in our lives, at home, at school, at work, when we travel, etc. Be “water-wise”; avoid pollution, use water in a sensible way at home, don’t spoil it. Do not take water for granted.  By supporting FairWater and choosing for the durable BluePump, our sponsors make a statement that they share our vision. This vision is also shared by our sponsors such as Sanex and “JoinThePipe”, they act according to this principle and contribute to a better world, by simple actions, every day. Simple actions that you can do too, will help making a significant change.
To Join or to learn more visit Fair Water.