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Fundraising for Orphanage Deenabandhu in India - Help a child have a good night rest!

By Sharda ten Hove on 20 August 2015

Anouk Prop, yoga teacher and psychologist originally based in Maastricht, the Netherlands is a dedicated ambassador of Yoga Gives Back the Netherlands & Belgium. Anouk wants to mobilize the global community by setting an example to take action instead of just donating and you can help her accomplish that!

In November 2015 Anouk will be offering her services as a volunteer for a month at orphanage Deenabandhu Trust. During that period she will give psychological support, trauma healing, yoga (therapy) for the orphans as well as training the school staff.
Last year Anouk already spend some months at Deenabandhu where she set up a therapy program which has helped many children to deal with their past and look ahead. Her program is now still running successfully by trained staff who have been educated by Anouk to continue her program.

This year Anouk is going back with a special mission:

One of the basic needs of human beings is not so simple to achieve for these kids. Just some good rest. So they’re able to to their best at school the day after. More days. Years. So they’re able to make a living. Sustain themselves and their families. Big changes start with small steps.

Almost 100 children from orphanage Deenabandhu in the south of India are yearning for a good night sleep. For some tenderness, warmth, comfort and a feeling of safety which helps them to let go of the day. Let go of the past.

The conditions in which the children sleep are very poor. They share their simple beds, often without mattresses, bed spreads, cushions to keep them warm and give them a feeling of safety during the night. Moreover, in this rural part of India there are many mosquitos and other insects which hamper the children from a good night sleep. Obviously this has its effect on the total wellbeing and school performances of the children.

Anouk’s wish is a total make over of the bed rooms of the children. With the help of your funding new beds can be bought, as well as mattresses, sheets, bed spreads, towels, cushions, mosquito nets and everything that is needed to create a warm nest for the children.

In the light of Yoga Gives Back annual campaign Thank You Mother India, part of the donations will be used to appoint a good caregiver for the children. They all lack the warmth and love from their own mothers. There’s nobody to go to during the dark night when waking up from a nightmare. With the funding a good house mother could be appointed who’s present for them and can take care of the children day and night.

All children love to do yoga. Therefore a big yoga event is organized at the end of the mission trip where about 500 children will participate in a big yoga mala of 108 sun salutations to express their gratitude for the gift that yoga has brought them. This will be accompanied by healthy snacks and drinks. This event was a big success last year. Some of the children reported that this was the best day of their life.

To help Anouk accomplish her inspiring mission, you can make a donation here.

Read here more about Anouk’s experiences at Deenabandhu

yoga gives back
In this picture: Kayoko Mitsamatsu (founder Yoga Gives Back), Anouk and children of the orphanage Deenabandhu






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