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Ninos Foundation

By Editor on 30 May 2012

The Ninos Foundation is an organization founded by one extraordinary woman, Jolanda van den Berg to create a better life and future for neglected children in and around the city of Cusco in Peru.

During a holiday in Peru in 1995, Jolanda was stricken by the shocking circumstances under which children were living their lives. Neglected children were wondering the streets looking for a meal and often had to deal with domestic violence due to (drinking) problems of the parents.
She decided once back in the Netherlands to move to Peru with the intention to help as many children as possible. She left six months later without a plan, without money and without speaking any Spanish but she was determined to create a safe environment for the children allowing them to enjoy their childhood and give them a feeling of self-esteem.

Jolanda started out with the thought: “ If I could only help one” which today with the help of donors and sponsors has turned in to 600 children who she is helping on a daily basis. Children are being given 2 meals a day; help with homework, doctor and dental visits and many activities as sport, reading and gardening are organized for them. Besides this she also helped 80 Peruvians to get a job who are now able to better support their families.  In fifteen years she has accomplished building 15 children restaurants, a sports hall, two libraries and a small cinema, two hotels in town and a hacienda with horses outside Cusco. A truly inspirational being!
For more information and donations please visit www.stichtingninos.com