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"One should look without always using their own eyes."

- Dalí ten Hove, Diaforlife contributor


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Ashram Living

Recently I had one of the biggest gifts of spending some time at the Satyananda Ashram in Greece. During my stay I participated in two programs, lived… Read more

Meditation and being Mind-‘Less’

As I work in the coaching, yoga and hypnotherapy fields I am constantly exposed to individuals desiring to evolve yet many trapped in a space of suffering. Read more
Social Awareness

What the Health?!

I recently watched the second documentary What The Health, of the makers of Cowspiracy. Again these… Read more

A Holistic Approach to Education Makes the World of Difference

As a holistic and educational coach, a large amount of my focus has been in the school and youth sector. Particularly because this was a space that really… Read more
Social Awareness

I have a dream

A very intense dream woke me up this morning. With tears in my eyes. Full of a deep pain, that I felt throughout my whole body. And in my soul even more. Read more