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"No man is a failure who is enjoying life."

- William Feather, American author & publisher


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Social Awareness

The Syrian Crisis and what you can do

Please watch this short very clearly explained situation of the Syrian crisis. We were all shocked about the image of the drowned young boy but we can't… Read more
Social Awareness

The Heart’s Whisper

To serve another selflessly, there needs to be deep and abundant love. Service that is offered and rendered to benefit the receiver, for no reward in return… Read more
Social Awareness

My first awakenings at Deenabandhu Trust

My eyes are… Read more
Social Awareness

The miracles of the Universe

Learning Space even though overtly an educational program with a mandate to serve rural education needs, began as a vision for every child to discover… Read more
Social Awareness

Veganism - Why You Should Make The Switch

Veganism is something that is so weaved into my daily life as I care so much about others (animals and humans, I am not someone who favors one over the… Read more