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"When two things join, they become one. And stronger."

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He who can live for filling happiness in others deepens his connection with Universal Consciousness

In my experience of living this lifetime, I may have undergone a million experiences as moments were faced with fear, anxiety, helplessness, dejection,… Read more
Social Awareness

Shoeless days are over? A story about the Company TOMS – One for One

Even though it would be hard to believe for Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha, but a large portion of the world’s children walk about their ways… Read more

A Day out to the Beach with Women of the Human Traffick Center in Amsterdam, the Netherlands

About half a year ago, I started giving yoga classes at the Crisis Center for Human Trafficking in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The women who reside… Read more

Shawn Achor - Positive Psychology Expert

Most people follow the assumption that if they work harder, they will become more successful and as a result will be happy. But could this basic… Read more
Social Awareness

Creating ripples in a stormy food system

Every action, no matter how small, can lead to a massive impact on another person’s life. The food we choose to eat every day is a perfect example of… Read more