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"One kind word can warm three winter months."

- Japanese Proverb

Completely Serving Aliveness

By Nitin Orayan on 02 December 2013

It is truly amazing to believe that some of us grow up and spend our entire lives with a question deeply bothering us - “HOW REAL IS THIS LIFE?”. If any one of you have had a similar question sitting inside you unanswered, what will unfold in this piece may interest you.

For me, the question has been reverberating in my internal universe for as far back as my memory goes– how real is this life???

The question, so to say, has had a peculiar effect on events and circumstances that unfolded in my life, taking me through an almost unbelievable fantastic journey – making life even more unreal on the way… and then it dawns in my ‘Chittha’ (Consciousness) that the journey had left an indelible impression speaking volumes about truth of life that fits in three golden words – ‘Life is real’.

Most of us in the spiritual seeking circuits around the world are rather adept with concepts of ‘MAYA’ and ‘MITHYA’ – not that we have been allowed a choice to make some meaning of our time on Earth.

All the talk and discussion about how real or unreal is our life’s experience, emerges from everything in our experience being a relative phenomenon, purely based on our perception – although all humans may have a similar experience with basic survival urges like that of thirst and hunger OR feelings and sentiments, these cannot be attributed to the realm of the “ABSOLUTE”.

We, as humans have the ability to share our experiences and the feelings, good and bad, which happen to us as a response to our experience, and in this way we have come to configure a sense of the quasi-absolute, as something common to all. But does that make this life real?what is real
So is there any reality to our life as we lead it – most of us spending our time in this realm of a limited time and space, highly strung by very limited understanding of our experience – and conditioned by our upbringing to judge every experience as favorable or not, useful or not, constructive or not and living out a more unreal life than what was meant to be. 
Many of us learn as we go deeper into our spiritual awakening process - ‘Neti, Neti’ (Not this, Not that). When we are not the gross five senses that shape the world nor the mind that creates the perception – we have nothing within us to prove that perceptive field truly exists at all. And theories of subtle bodies and supra-subtle soul energy within us are beyond our intellectual selves to concretize in our lifetimes; then what do the golden words “LIFE IS REAL?” mean?

And then there is surely one aspect of life, we cannot miss – an alive space that is within our being, surrounds us and holds the world we know, all the time.
And our lives are lived out in an eternal moment very replete with aliveness that holds the universe in its womb – and by sheer Prakriti birthing it in ripples of variable forms, like a super-talented magician creating optical illusion.

So the time and space of our relative universe is only an aspect and a tiny slice of the REAL space and time that is forever existing - it is formless and it is the essence of all of the world that we see and identify as real.
In our self-possessed and sometimes obsessed changing and varying form-based lives, we can, as spiritually inclined people, help ourselves by getting into a simple practice of silence – of submerging our selves into a meditation, and allowing the REAL space and the eternal moment to become the center of our consciousness – of allowing MOTHER CONSCIOUSNESS to soak us in.
meditation on beach Little by little we can learn to stay with the absolute space and time while we are awake and engaged in the world. That ‘absolute’ is the true limitless source of everything we identify with – this is the source of all creation, and anything and everything that is encountered as experience is emerging from this source as a simple chain of action and reaction…
So wouldn’t it be wise to completely serve that aliveness, which is playing it all out by its very own nature.

In my life and its wholesome experience there have been some spiritual practices (apart from meditation) - simple beliefs that have emerged in the living experience & formed a way of life flowing with and closer to MOTHER CONSCIOUSNESS.

* TRUST YOUR LIFE TO BE RIGHT JUST AS IT IS NOW – and not what you had mentally configured it to be.
* YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS IS OPENING UP WITH EACH MOMENT - making you more aware of your inner reality.
* ALLOW LIFE TO EXPRESS ITSELF, AS THIS IS A TWO-WAY INTERACTION– you can change the situation and the people only with acceptance and not resistance.
* LIFE IS INTERMINGLING OF DIFFERENT LEVELS OF CONSCIOUSNESS – the play and drama of life is nothing but the interaction-friction between these different levels. Serve Consciousness by allowing other levels to rise, with your conscious part.
* BEING IMMERSED IN THE ABSOLUTE, BRINGS TRUE KNOWLEDGE OF AN ETERNAL LIFE – just as ripples in the ocean rise and fall endlessly, life and death are only a part of the play.
* BLESS EVERYONE AROUND WITH BEST WISHES – friend and foe, they are playing their parts equally and helping your consciousness rise to the next level.

On the spiritual path, we can exercise a lot more unconditional love, realizing that it is no big deal to win the game just as it not horrifying to lose something – Serving the aliveness that holds us all, completely is the ‘open’ secret to living a life that is REAL.


About the author

Nitin Orayan

Writer, Philosopher, Founder of Learning Space Foundation in India

Nitin was raised in Mumbai, India, where he completed his schooling and post-graduate studies in Mass Communications at a reputable institution. From his early days in school, he was drawn to philosophical…  Read full bio