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"It is well to give when asked but it is better to give unasked, through understanding. "

- Khalil Gibran, Lebanese-American intellectual

Daily routine

By Sharda ten Hove on 21 May 2012

In today's world, we live incredibly fast lives with “no time to waste” attitudes and want a quick fix to life's challenges. We run around doing everything we can for a small bit of happiness. But then we discover what we have been chasing does not fulfill us or provide the happiness we are hoping for so we look for something else.

The secret is that deep fulfillment comes from within and takes time to cultivate. You can find deep fulfillment but not in one day. If you are consistent in applying good habits, you will gradually start noticing the differences in your life. You have everything you need … within yourself. That’s the key, look inside and stop doing everything possible to run away from yourself. Below you will find a list of items that you can apply in your daily life. We recommend that you start with 1 or 2 items from the list and stick to them every day for one month. We are all different and unique so find what appeals to you and include these items with your personal motivations. Stick them on your fridge, mirror, wardrobe, locker, garage, window, bike, car or anywhere you will be reminded of what increases happiness in your life. Be lovingly disciplined toward yourself. Be the light you are for yourself and for others!

1. Be grateful, it enriches your life. There is always something to be grateful for and it honestly increases happiness in your life! You could start your day by thanking for the new day. Every day is a new beginning with new possibilities.

2. Don’t postpone what you know you can do today, you will make yourself mentally stronger by taking action instead of finding a million reasons why now is not the best time yet.

3. Choose a mantra or create your own mantra. A little phrase that you constantly repeat. It will gradually sink in your subconciousness and will increase your awareness regarding whatever your mantra is. Things will start to shift, try it. You can use a traditional mantra or make your own. Fill your mind with this positivity and feel good about yourself. Start today and repeat your mantra for 1 month every day!

4. Go outside, take a walk in nature if you can. Probably not every day, but try to do it once a week and absorb the beauty while you’re deeply breathing in fresh air!

5. Exercise: Walk, run, swim, climb, ski, play a team sport, run up and down the stairs and if you can. Try Yoga ☺ The difference between yoga and other exercises is that in yoga the postures are developed to release blocked energy, the breath is guiding the energy and meditation (which should be done in yoga classes as it is a part of yoga) helps to calm the nervous system and bring you closer to that beautiful light inside of you.

6. Buy less, we don’t need as much as we think we need. Less is more!

7. Be conscious about your purchases, know what you eat and wear. Everything is energy and the energy that entered the product in the making will have its effect on you too. Organizations as Fair Trade make sure that everyone involved in production will be fairly treated.

8. Separate your trash, buy less plastic (bring your bag when doing groceries), together we can work towards a sustainable world.

9. Music: Wow music… Beautiful people create beautiful music. Find the music that touches your heart and play it over and over again

10. Notice the little things in life, they often have a big meaning.

11. Food: You are what you eat. You want to learn more? Check out our Wholefoods page

12. Selflessness: Give without expecting to receive. Now there’s a great mantra!

13. Meditate every day, even for 3 to 5 minutes. Be persistent, you will notice the benefits soon!

14. Breathe consciously, you will enlarge your oxygen capacity and relax your mind.

15. Alignment: A strong and straight spine will let your energy flow. Notice how you are sitting behind your laptop and adjust yourself.

16. Day dream: Take a moment in the day for yourself to dream about whatever it is that makes you happy. Hold that happy feeling throughout your day and call back on it when you feel less energized.

17. When someone tells you something, pay attention. Everybody needs to be heard, just like you.

18. Open your heart to others, instead of keeping your love only for your direct family and friends.

19. Sing even when you feel it doesn’t sound good. When you sing from your heart, it’s always beautiful!

20. Make peace with someone you have an argument with, it’s not worth fighting over things that in the end don’t matter.

21. Smile to a stranger.

22. Buy a healthy snack for a homeless person.

23. Keep a loving discipline toward yourself. We can’ t emphasize enough on how important this is. You hold the key, work on yourself every day and you will be rewarded!

24. Don’t wait for someone else to give you the answers you need. Only you know what is really best for you.

25. Call your mom or dad and tell them you love them.

26. Do something unexpected and surprise yourself and others.

27. Express yourself! There will always be people who disagree with you but that’s okay! We’re all different with own expectations and beliefs. Connect to your own inner flow and trust yourself.

28. Try letting go of expectations and strong beliefs. Connect to something even deeper than this. It’s all in your heart and from there on in your hands.

29. Start listening to that deeper voice which sometimes can be confronting and you rather hide in listening to that other voice. It’s the deeper voice though which brings you the biggest joy. Dare to grow and shine!

30. Treat every creature with respect.

31. Invite your neighbor for tea.

32. Turn off the tap when brushing your teeth, small changes make big differences.

33. Write your own song.

34. Volunteer at an elderly home.

35. Walk a dog from your local kennel.

36. Turn of the light when you leave a room.

37. Make time to spend with your children. Real time is the greatest gift you can give them.

38. Take a picture of something that touches you every day and look back at the end of the month.

39. Be proud of yourself! There’s nothing wrong with being proud of yourself as long as you don’ t get arrogant. Be true!

40. Be Love, Give Love!

About the author

Sharda ten Hove

Founder, Ethical Vegan, Yogi, Social Activist

Sharda was born and raised in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Descended from an Indian mother and Dutch father, she received a multi-cultural upbringing during which she gained a broad perspective on life.…  Read full bio