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"The vitality of thought is in adventure. Ideas won't keep; something must be done about them. "

- Alfred North Whitehead, English philosopher & mathematician


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The changes we go through

'Everything has a beginning and an end’ is the simple core principle that rules our lives in this world that we live in. This maxim leads us beautifully… Read more

Awareness Made Actionable (4): I am NOT on a spiritual path!

I hang out a lot with spiritual people. People who practice yoga, meditation, or some other form of spiritual discipline. So do I. People who keep disappearing… Read more

Awareness Made Actionable: Get Curious!

I want to make one thing clear up front, and I invite you to sit up and absorb this with your whole being because this is important: curiosity did not… Read more

Chanting your mantra

Being half Indian, chanting is not a strange thing to me. I remember the chanting of my mother when she was doing a puja (offering) or during the annual… Read more

He who can live for filling happiness in others deepens his connection with Universal Consciousness

In my experience of living this lifetime, I may have undergone a million experiences as moments were faced with fear, anxiety, helplessness, dejection,… Read more

A Day out to the Beach with Women of the Human Traffick Center in Amsterdam, the Netherlands

About half a year ago, I started giving yoga classes at the Crisis Center for Human Trafficking in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The women who reside… Read more

Shawn Achor - Positive Psychology Expert

Most people follow the assumption that if they work harder, they will become more successful and as a result will be happy. But could this basic… Read more

Awareness Made Actionable: What are your triggers and what are you choosing?

It is all too easy to limit growing our awareness to our allocated practice times: those times when we sit down to meditate or when we roll out our mats… Read more