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"I looked in temples, churches and mosques, but I found the divine within my heart."

- Rumi, Persian philosopher


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I read books and I have seen movies about that in order to gain something in life you need to lose something. Something old needs to dissolve and disappear… Read more

Karma of Inspiration

What goes around, comes around! Take a moment to remember a time when you felt inspired. Truly inspired. Perhaps it was from reading a quote, watching… Read more

Activate your Awareness

Our lifestyle choices – such as the work we do, how we live and shop, where we vacation - are about how we act, and produce effects, in the world around… Read more

Discover myself

I'm willing to come apart to discover who I am.  Read more

the pursuit of happiness

Happiness can be defined as the state of being happy. But what is happiness? What truly brings us happiness? And how can we individually define it? To… Read more

Awareness through the eyes of Nitin Orayan

A blind man cannot identify with the splash of colors just as the sounds of string would hold no meaning for the deaf… the sense of beauty is only an… Read more

Daily routine

In today's world, we live incredibly fast lives with “no time to waste” attitudes and want a quick fix to life's challenges. We run around… Read more