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"It is never in itself a sufficient argument against an idea to say that it can be misused. That is true of all important ideas."

- William E. Connolly, American political philosopher

Karma of Inspiration

By Jackie Dumaine on 02 June 2012

What goes around, comes around! Take a moment to remember a time when you felt inspired. Truly inspired. Perhaps it was from reading a quote, watching a video or simply hearing the birds chirp on a sunny morning. Maybe it was from a workshop you attended or hearing someone share their life story from the heart.

The physical feeling that comes with being inspired is one of expansion.  There’s a lightness that washes over us and we begin to not only feel - but also BELIEVE - that anything is possible.
Our imagination begins to soar and we start to dream in vivid technicolour.  Shades of neon. Our language shifts from “I wish…” to “What if…” + “And then I could….”. 

Anything is possible…

Then suddenly, like the flight of a light switch, the inspiration seems to disappear and we’re left with a dull heaviness.  We become confused, frustrated and simply go back to our regular routine.
We lose our passion and spend endless days and weeks trying to rediscover it.

We mourn the loss of inspiration.

The dreams turn to black + white. 
The feeling of inspiration can be very short lived if we’re not prepared with one simple tool to keep it going.
What is this one simple tool?

Inspire others.
“If you inspire those around you, those around you will inspire you”.  ~ Simon Sinek

Inspiration is like a boomerang. When you give it, it always comes back to you.  It’s the karma of inspiration!
Instead of spending time trying to discover your passion, make it your mission to inspire others and not only will you re-ignite your inspiration, your passion will be re-discovered effortlessly.
“But I’m not an inspirational person” you might say to yourself.
I say - this is non-sense.
Everyone has the capability to inspire others.  Read to a child, smile at a stranger, teach a colleague a new skill.  It doesn’t have to be a monumental task.  You don’t need to deliver a life changing speech in front of millions.
Release the story that you need to be Oprah to inspire someone.
You simply need to be yourself. 

Here’s the action part of this blog.  Your inspiration assignment is to take out a piece of paper and write down 5 ways that you can inspire someone, right now, today.
Then, go do it. 
Be present in each moment.  Notice how your body feels.  Do you feel expanded and light?  Do you feel joy?

Do you feel INSPIRED?

I would love to hear your experience with the inspiration assignment!
My hope is that this blog has delivered a little inspiration to your day.  Writing it for you has inspired me and for this, I thank you.

Jackie Dumaine