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"Much naivety is needed to accomplish great deeds."

- René Crevel, French surrealist author

Rise from your sorrow and live your potential

By Christina Rabe on 16 May 2014

‘’ You can be the most beautiful person in the world and everybody sees light and rainbows when they look at you”

I believe that we are all born to be unique. It is such a phenomenal thing to know that you can be yourself. No one has your fingerprint. No one thinks, feels, sees or hears like you. Your abilities and your talents are unique . Besides this, no one has ever lived your pain, your sorrows or has experienced the same opportunities. That make’s me think that we are all special and you and I are meant to be different in this world.

In spite of our uniqueness we tend to see the negative side of our lives. Instead of embracing our qualities we throw away ourself in negative circumstances. It is common to look for our identification in our experiences. I confess that life is bitter sometimes. Someone has stolen our dream; someone abused us emotionally, mentally or even physically. And overwhelmed by the storm in us it leaves us unspeakable. Before we know we lose our identity and find out we are wearing a mask in the world.

I learned that sorrow and pain must not be seen as a curse but as an opportunity to enlighten our way to discover who we are really and guide us toward the right path. We need to remind our selves that we are not a product of what has happened to us in our past.  What has happened to us will not determine who we are . Bitterness is not a place to stay for you and I. We can choose to react differently towards our bad circumstances and adopt an extraordinary attitude.

I believe that there is a light inside each one of us and it is enough to enlighten the world around us.

We can start to believe and hope again. We can choose to show our love and be grateful for what we have.

We can forgive our selves and those who hurt us . We can overcome the darkness of fear by shining the light. Forgetting in what is behind us and start living an extraordinary life. It is our decision to turn on the switch and let our light shine.

About the author

Christina Rabe

Christina is from an African country where people live in poverty surviving only day by day, and where unemployment is the most serious problem affecting young people. Her desire for a new life encouraged…  Read full bio