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"You must do the things you think you cannot do. "

- Eleanor Roosevelt, Prominent human rights activist

Your life has meaning

By Narain Ishaya on 03 September 2014

Did you feel as a child that there was something you were here to do on this planet?

I have asked a lot of people this question, and many answer immediately “yes!”  There are some others who say they didn’t feel that way, but it is more likely that over a lifetime of believing themselves to be small and limited, they have simply forgotten.

All children believe they are unlimited, and can do anything, until the world appears to show them this is not so. You can see it in the way they play. Each child plays in a different way, and yet as they are playing, you can see the gifts they have to bring to the world, the light they have to shine.  You can see the ways that unlimited creative potential wants to move through them.

The problem with the question, when posed to “grown-ups,” is that they believe to have purpose means to do something physically immense.  Purpose means to change society single handedly.  Purpose means to create a new religion or political system. Purpose means to discover the secret to alternative power, or the cure for disease.  Maybe that’s true for some, but the mind can never see the immense value in true human purpose.

I will tell you that, whatever you do to express yourself in the world, in work and other things, it is discovering your own perfect purity and infinite connection that is your true purpose; to leave behind the beliefs in Separation, loneliness and suffering and return to your true nature as unbounded Joy.

The best thing about living your purpose is that you never need to figure out what it is.  If you dedicate your life to letting go of limitation and fear, your purpose automatically begins to live you!  It was there the whole time, always. By identifying with, and believing in, false beliefs you were blocking it, ignoring it, that’s all.  Once you get out of the way, anything is possible!

Jesus said, “Unless you are like little Children, you won’t find the Kingdom of Heaven.”  You want to let go of those “grown up” beliefs that love is conditional, joy is limited and magic is meant for others, not for you. (Or if you’ve become really jaded, not even for them!) You want to return to wide-eyed innocence and wonder where magic is possible and you are limited only by the scope of your imagination.

As you begin to heal your sense of separation and experience the love that lies within you, self-judgment disappears and love becomes total. Only then can you love others fully. Every action you take from that experience is motivated by love, and so has lasting, far-reaching impact. There are no small lives for those willing to be free. There are no insignificant actions for those surrendering to peace. Every smile, every kind word, every interaction changes the world for the better.

How did you play as a child?  How would you play now if you could? What would your spirit do if it were in this world unrestricted?  Learn to get out of your own way, and let the universe play you like the amazing instrument you are: No matter what unfolds, there is nothing insignificant about you. 

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Christina Rabe

Christina is from an African country where people live in poverty surviving only day by day, and where unemployment is the most serious problem affecting young people. Her desire for a new life encouraged…  Read full bio