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"While we consider when to begin, it becomes too late."

- Japanese Proverb

Creating ripples in a stormy food system

By Abigail Joffre - Fairfood International on 22 June 2012

Every action, no matter how small, can lead to a massive impact on another person’s life. The food we choose to eat every day is a perfect example of this seemingly benign phenomenon. When supermarkets are full of polished fruit and vegetables with aisle after aisle of beautifully packaged boxes, tins and bags of food products competing for our attention, it’s hard to see the woods for the trees.

Food and beverage supply chains all over the world are plagued by unsustainable practices: basic labour and human rights are ignored; natural resources are exploited at dizzying rates; and unfair business practices are all too common. As a result, global poverty, food insecurity and environmental degradation remain endemic.

Every bite we take has an impact in some way on the food system. Clearly the food system is in need of a drastic change. Despite the disturbing facts we face as a society, Fairfood International sees hope for constructive and optimistic change.

Fairfood International works to create a positive ripple effect in the vast ocean that is the food and beverage industry. We focus on directly challenging the world’s food and beverage companies in a constructive way to mend their ways. We are a vital part of a global movement of people, like you, who are passionate about creating change towards a sustainable food and beverage industry. Fortunately, many of the world’s largest food and beverage companies are now acknowledging their corporate responsibility and are already taking steps to act on it. Nonetheless, the food industry still has a long way to go.

Our goal is to continue to inspire change towards a fair and sustainable food and beverage industry until the momentum is irreversible. Like the seeming difficulty in tracing a drop of water in a still ocean, often our work is not always so obvious. We want to create a momentum like an ever-running current. We carry out our work from the conviction that food companies can and will play a positive role in tomorrow’s sustainable global food system. Optimism is our driving force.

Along with a positive outlook, awareness is one of the most important aspects of Dia; cultivating an awareness of oneself and an awareness of the world around us. Therefore, we are pleased to be involved in the Dia community. This alliance will generate a further awareness of people working together to inspire others to implement positive changes in their own lives and the lives of others, particularly those affected by the choices we all make. We at Fairfood International intend to achieve our mission of being a catalyst for change towards a sustainable global food system. However, we can only realise our vision with the help and support of conscious consumers like you.

If you support Fairfood International’s mission and want to know more about how you can get involved, visit us online at www.fairfood.org, on Facebook at   www.facebook.com/Fairfood or on Twitter at www.twitter.com/Fairfood
You can also choose to support Fairfood International with a donation by visiting us on the www.diaforlife.com/causes/causes/fairfood or donating directly at www.fairfood.org/donate. We look forward to working together with you to make our food choices fair, lessen our impact on the environment, and thus promote harmony between people and planet.