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"Be like a postage stamp. Stick to one thing until you get there."

- Josh Billings, American humorist author


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Women for women in the combat against Human Trafficking

A few months ago, I became a member of Together Strong, an organized interest group established with the support of Read more

Philip Wollen – Australian Philantrophist, Vegan and Animal Rights Defender

Philip Wollen is a former vice-president of Citibank. Following his departure from Citibank, Mr Wollen became vegan and is a prominent member of the Animal… Read more

We may be through with the past but our past isn’t through with us

Christina is from an African country where people live in poverty surviving only day by day, and where unemployment is the most serious problem affecting… Read more

Rock Climbing Opportunity for Balinese Youth

The last time I wrote, we were just about to conduct our first rock climbing class with our local junior high school youth on Bali, Indonesia. Here is… Read more

The Christmas Spirit

Since a few weeks, shops around the world, especially in developed countries, have been decorated for Christmas. We are not here to tell you that Christmas… Read more

A brief thought on civil disobedience.

Civil disobedience is a slippery slope down into anarchy; it is thus utmost natural that, from the state's point of view, people cannot engage in it without… Read more

Isn’t Democracy a little Undemocratic?

Democracy; funny concept is it not? Popular control, political equality. We make such a fuss about it! At home, different candidates whether individuals… Read more

Giving Back

What does “giving back” mean to you? For many people, giving back means donating money to a worthy cause, volunteering time and skills, or maybe a… Read more