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"What is my life if I am no longer useful to others"

- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, German writer & politician


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Conscious Christmas gifts

Before you run off to the store and buy gifts that will make others happy for a short moment, give this list a read. These gifts will last much longer… Read more

If every profit maximizing company created a social business….

The late Peter Drucker, professor and management consultant, believed that a company's primary responsibility is to serve its customers. Profit is not… Read more

Giving back to Brazil

The whole world has its focus on the Football World Cup of 2014 held in Brazil. But behind the scenes a whole other image of colorful Brazil is kept secretly. Read more

The Sad Side of the Football World Cup

Football or Soccer World Cups tend to unite people, people come together from different backgrounds to support their country in the World Cup. And that… Read more

The Tragedy Of The Animals

When slaves yearned to be relieved from the oppression of their masters, it was they who staged a series of revolts, of active protests to disseminate… Read more

The Role you play in Global Depletion

“The degradation of our planet is severe, and it’s getting worse". In his book, Comfortably Unaware, Dr.Richard Oppenlander gives readers an acutely… Read more

What is volunteering?

While first referring to military service, the word volunteering now applies to many sectors of social life. During the 20th and 21st centuries, this phenomenon… Read more

Paladins On Earth - Sharing Art From The Heart

Paladins On Earth is a project with the potential to touch the lives of people beyond those behind a keyboard. The project aims to provide an opportunity… Read more