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"I believe that in the attempt to fulfil the law of righteousness, however imperfect it must remain, are to be found the inspiration, the consolation, and the sanctification of human existence."

- Felix Adler, German-American philosopher

One day.

By Dalí ten Hove on 20 October 2012

The end of history.

There shall once be a time, far and away in the distant unknown,

Where and when man shall live at peace with man,

Where man shall uncover the bond that unites him with man.


When man shall understand all that is heavenly and sacred, all that is beauteous and worthy of knowledge.

It shall be the end, and, coincidently, the very beginning.


But until then, those who see at present, are trapped in the middle. Stuck in the past.

And all we can sensibly do is accompany man – be his cane while he limps to the end,

So that he may reach the beginning.


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Dalí ten Hove

Editor, Writer

Born in Amsterdam, raised in France, Dalí is Diaforlife’s youngest contributor. He completed the later part of his primary education at an international school, a period during which he developed…  Read full bio