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"One generation plants the trees, another gets the shade."

- Chinese proverb

Paladins On Earth - Sharing Art From The Heart

By Nate Odom on 01 March 2013

Paladins On Earth is a project with the potential to touch the lives of people beyond those behind a keyboard. The project aims to provide an opportunity for not only artists to share their work with a larger audience, but for more people to easily enjoy better accessibility to that art. The project aims to give us a stronger grip when we reach for and grab hold of peace.

Once up and running, Paladins On Earth will have an interactive map of the world where artists of all media upload their work directly to their respective homes. So when someone scrolls over towns and cities, all the beautiful art from that area will fly from the screen: poems, stories, paintings, dance, songs, sculptures, everything; whatever can be created will be shared with the world.

Artists are the archaeologists of the soul, but what we forget is we are all artists sharing a stage. When a painter uncovers a gem, he or she may not understand its true value; it may be the dancer twixt pirouettes who sees its shine; when a philosopher writes an allegory it may be the sculptor chiseling marble who it hits like a train, nudging the hand toward masterpiece. We are all living the Human experience together, feeling heartache, success, failure, love, excitement, and so much more. So it is only once we look at it together we will have a chance of understanding ourselves and the experience we share.

There is love and compassion and beauty and kindness everywhere one looks;
The world is already inspired, we just have to remind ourselves; Paladins On Earth is a string on our finger; it’s a reminder of peace.

For more information about Paladins on Earth visit: paladinsonearth