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"There is nothing permanent except change."

- Heraclitus, Ancient philosopher


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Disposable Diapers and the Environment

Are you expecting? Will you soon be blessed as a mother or father? If so, have you by any chance given thought to what sort of nappies/diapers you will… Read more

Making good (or at least not bad) use of reusable bags

Although Tim Minchin’s Canvas Bags (view video at bottom of article) might be considered a little too wacky, it does make a darn good point. Employing… Read more

Carbon Offsets: Polluting without Polluting?!

As determined by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) in their 2007 Fourth Assessment Report, worldwide temperatures are in fact rising… Read more

A little something called the Greenhouse Effect

If you choose to delve into the magnificent world of Diaforlife – a realm in which you will find a community of people actively cooperating for the betterment… Read more

Reduce the use of plastic!

I recently read that Americans use two and a half million plastic bottles every HOUR! And this is only one country we’re talking about. If we want to… Read more

Donald Sadoway on improved batteries for sustainable energy

Have you ever considered how much energy is consumed in a day? Ever think about how long the world’s energy demand can be maintained? This leads… Read more

Sustainability starts with you

Our time is that of scarcity. And thus of choice. The rapid depletion of natural, non-renewable resources poses a threat to sustainability: will… Read more