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"Do not, for one repulse, forego the purpose that you resolved to effect. "

- William Shakespeare, English poet & playwright


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Organic Versus Conventional Food

A recent study from Stanford stated that organic food may not be much healthier than conventional foods. However food analyst Robyn O'Brien (who's TedX… Read more

Tanya’s - Raw Vegan Cafe in Chelsea, London UK

Tanya's cafe is another perfect raw vegan gift to this increasingly becoming aware city of London. Read more

Natura - Vegan / Vegetarian cafe at Goldsmith University, East London

How awesome to come across a university cafe that embodies vegetarianism, veganism and embodies ethical and sustainable consumption. At Natura cafe you… Read more

The Gallery Cafe - Vegan/vegetarian Cafe in East London

As one of the social enterprises run by St. Margaret's House (A Community Charity), all profit generated by The Gallery Cafe goes back into the charity.… Read more

Super delicious and good for your heart vegan sandwich.

This sandwich is filled with goodness, I used organic wholewheat bread but you can choose any other (glutenfree) option. If you want to go for a raw lunch,… Read more