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"If you can find a path with no obstacles, it probably doesn't lead anywhere."

- Frank A. Clark, American writer & cartoonist

SAF London

By Editor on 30 May 2012

SAF = Simply Authentic Food. A restaurant serving lunch and diner with 1 location in London and one in Istanbul. The concept of Saf (meaning pure in Turkish) was founded 10 years ago and has developed a philosophy to providing healthy and nourishing plant-based ingredients.

The food at SAF is cooked below 48oC which preserves optimum flavor and the enzymes in the food are left unharmed which aids the body in the digesting process.  Almost all ingredients at SAF are produced in their own house. We tried the Sea vegetable salad, Mediterranean wrap and Saf burger. We loved the first two, the latter could use some spices but you just have to try this for yourself! Their power juices are all deliciously healthy, give you a boost for the day and a sharp mind!

Opening hours:
Saf Kensington:
Mon-Sat11am - 10.30pm
Sun11am - 6.30pm