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- Muhammad Yunus, Prominent economist

Tanya’s - Raw Vegan Cafe in Chelsea, London UK

By Sharda ten Hove on 20 January 2015

Tanya's cafe is another perfect raw vegan gift to this increasingly becoming aware city of London.

I feel I just walked into a little heaven. The beautiful bright space gives a welcoming feeling and the counter with raw healthy vegan cakes, juices, fruits and veggies, seeds, nuts, spices and herbs, grains, pulses and so much more look all so invitingly good.

The dishes look almost too beautiful to eat but after a few pictures I can’t control my desire for a bite or 2 or more.. I have tasted several things: their avocado soup with raw onion crackers (insanely good), Pad Thai ( shredded rainbow veggies in young coconut, almond butter & chili sauce..OMG) and as dessert their hot chocolate (cacao, date paste, almond butter, cinnamon and vanilla.. I am going to make this at home!!). If you are into desserts (and actually also if you are not) trust me, here you will! Try their peanut butter cups and raw carrot cake.

Next time I will come here for breakfast, I have never seen such a variated breakfast menu for a vegan! Or shall I go in the evening to taste their superfood cocktails? So much choice!

Luckily Triyoga Chelsea is close to here so I can go for a good yoga class after all this deliciousness.

Tanya’s cafe has already become one of London’s best visited raw vegan cafe’s so make sure to book your lunch or dinner before you come!

Tanya’s cafe
35 Ixworth Place, London SW3 3QX
Opening hours:
Sunday- Monday   9am - 3pm
Tuesday - Friday   9am - 10pm
Saturday           9am - 6pm

About the author

Sharda ten Hove

Founder, Ethical Vegan, Yogi, Social Activist

Sharda was born and raised in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Descended from an Indian mother and Dutch father, she received a multi-cultural upbringing during which she gained a broad perspective on life.…  Read full bio