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"If you can’t feed one hundred people, then just feed one."

- Mother Teresa, Prominent philanthropist

Vegan Restaurant For Lunch and Dinner in San Francisco

By Editor on 14 June 2012

Loving Hut is a chain with vegan restaurants all over the world and is the winner of VegNews 2010 Favorite Vegan Restaurant award. They have over 200 outlets in major cities all over the world and more than 40 outlets in the USA. They are the fastest growing vegan restaurant in the world. Dia tried their Asian restaurant in one of their San Francisco locations.

The San Francisco Sunset restaurant is Asian and they serve incredibly tasteful dishes. We tried the wonton soup, mango salad and carrot cake and highly recommend them all!
The restaurant looks clean, food is really good, service is quick and staff is friendly. It’s a great place to unwind and enjoy a great meal. The decoration however is quite sterile so if you are looking for something romantic then you might want to look for something else.

The vision of Loving Hut is to see all beings live in peace, love and harmony. All of their menu items are plant-based. There is no fixed menu since all of the Loving Hut restaurants are individually owned, with the autonomy to choose it’s own menu, as long as it’s vegan.

Loving hut believes that a plant-based diet is healthier, more compassionate and is the only sustainable diet for the whole planet.
Dia supports their vision and we hope that in the near future Loving Hut will start using only organic products to create a sustainable and healthy world for all.

Loving Hut San Francisco Sunset
524 Irving Street
San Francisco, CA 94122

Opening hours:
Monday - Sunday:
11 AM - 9 PM

Website: www.lovinghut.us