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"All the challenges life has to offer abide by a universal law: that it takes a touch of self-discipline to overcome them."

- Dalí ten Hove, Diaforlife contributor


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Rose Water Syrup - Ayurveda Summer drink

During summer it is advised to drink cooling liquids. However cooling does not mean cold drinks. When you drink ice-cold drinks, your digestive… Read more

Healthy Stuffed Green Spinach Wrap

It's summer! This very tasty spinach wrap full of fresh vegetables and sprouts looks colorful and tastes delicious. It's healthy and nutritious and can… Read more

Nutritious and delicious warm nightcap drink

This Ayurvedic recipe is not only a delight to your tastebuds but is also very nutritious for all your bodily tissues and an excellent drink during pregnancy. Read more

Masala Puri - Indian Recipe

Masala Puri is a famous chat (Indian snack) in South India. In India chats are sold on the streets. A blend of various spices with a hint of mint is served… Read more