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Organic Brussels Sprouts veggies for babies

By Sharda ten Hove on 01 November 2013

It's the season for brussels sprouts! This gorgeous little cabbages can be perfectly steamed for your baby and they taste even better when steaming them together with some fresh herbs.

Wash the brussels sprouts and cut off the hard part.
Peel the potatoes, cut in small cubes and peel + cut the carrot in slices.
Put all veggies in the steam pan and add the fresh rosemary.
Steam for about 8 minutes (stick a fork in to feel whether the veggies are soft).
Put all ingredients in a blender, add a bit of sterilized water and serve with half a teaspoon per baby of raw virgin coconut oil.

What’s in it for your baby?
Brussels Sprouts: Loaded with fiber (important for your baby’s digestive health and immune system), anti oxidants and vitamins, especially vitamine K which promotes healthy bones and is essential for proper brain and nerve function.
Potatoes: Excellent source of various vitamins and minerals, mainly potassium:  this mineral is important for your baby’s heart, brain, kidney and muscle development.
Carrots: A powerfood containing besides numerous vitamins, fiber and minerals a red/orange pigment named beta-carotene. The human body converts beta-carotene into vitamine A which is important for your baby’s immune system and good eye health and vision.
Rosemary: Contains fiber, iron and calcium. For healthy bones and a strong immune system.
Raw virgin coconut oil: Contains fatty acids which are super important for your baby’s nervous system and brain development.

For more information about the numerous benefits of coconut oil (for the whole family) read here.

About the author

Sharda ten Hove

Founder, Ethical Vegan, Yogi, Social Activist

Sharda was born and raised in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Descended from an Indian mother and Dutch father, she received a multi-cultural upbringing during which she gained a broad perspective on life.…  Read full bio