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Raw food by Raw Imagination

By Oli Santaro - Raw Imagination on 26 May 2014

Raw Imagination is a new London based family run raw food business currently supplying the organic supermarket Planet Organic to all 6 of their London stores.

After one of the owners cured his asthma by switching to raw food diet, the rest of the family took notice and realized the tremendous health benefits associated with ones diet. The last few years have consisted of living purely on a raw vegan / planet based diet and we can honestly say that we all feel amazing! Hands down the best decision we ever made. Our aim now is to bring more awareness and consciousness to raw food as when you cook you loose 80% of the vitamins & minerals and nearly all of the phytonutrients (a substance found in certain plants which is very beneficial to human health and help prevent various diseases). We never previously believed that diet could be so important but after experiencing the other side we now really want to share what we’ve learnt. That’s where the idea for Raw Imagination spawned from.
raw imagination raw foodOur thinking behind the range was to create old favorites like burgers, sandwiches & pizzas and transform them into raw vegan wholesome alternatives. We believe it’s very important for food to be nutritious but equally significant for it to taste good! Every product is hand crafted with love and tender care and the recipes are bursting with life and flavor. All ingredients come from nuts, seeds, fruit and vegetables. All our products are raw, vegan, gluten free, organic, soy free, wheat free, corn free, gmo free & kosher.

Let there be peace, harmony and love on the earth.
From the Raw Imagination team