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"Things do not change; we change."

- Henry David Thoreau, American philosopher


By Superfoods Academy on 03 June 2012

SuperWhat...!? So what are Superfoods...!? Superfoods are foods that have amazing health properties thanks to the natural chemicals found in certain wild or organic plant-, herb- and animal-products. Superfoods typically contain much higher levels of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants than most of the current foods we consume...in fact our ancestors have been using these foods forever but somehow, somewhere we lost the art of using traditional sacred foods. They are also called Super because they contain no synthetic additives of any kind, are minimally processed and are very able to support and communicate with the human tissues and metabolism.

So why are they so important…!?
Well…you probably heard of the old adage “You are what you Eat”...This actually explains quite a lot of this concept. Most people unfortunately still consume a substandard diet that is extremely poor in nutrients, overly processed and extremely mineral- and vitamin-deficient and by just adding in some of these extraordinary herbs and foods you can really supplement your health and nutrition in an easy and fun way. These are some of the most nutrition-dense foods on the planet and it is really a simple solution for a lot of people to start living happier, healthier, more balanced lives. These foods taste as good or some of them even better than most of the foods out there and they are much more nutritious. Plus you will gain in nutritional content by…let’s say switching, swopping, omitting, adding and experimenting with these more nutritionally balanced and delicious natural foods.

What are some of the more known Superfoods…!?
How about Goji Berries, Blue Green Algae, Raw Cacao, Reishi Mushroom, Marine Phyto Plankton, Camu Camu Berries, Bee Pollen, Coconut Oil, He Shou Wu, Hemp Seeds, Acai Berries, Mesquite, Pine Pollen, Purple Corn, Noni, Moringa, Kombucha, Astragalus, Colostrum, Aloe Vera, Shizandra Berries, Carobe, Gynostemma, Deer Antler, Rehmannia, Lucuma, Blue Berries, Chlorella, Yacon, Cordyceps Mushroom, Pearl Powder, Kefir, Chaga Mushroom, Shilajit, Polyrachus Ant and the list goes on and on… Notice that a lot of the current known Superfoods are found in the Himalayan- and Amazon-regions but the truth is that Superfoods are found all over this planet even in parts of Europe where you would never expect them.

What are some of the nutritional benefits of Superfoods…!?
This is of course an extremely short and gung-ho list but they can…
– improve memory & cognitive function,
– boost immunity,
– increase stamina,
– prevent diseases,
– detoxify the body,
– increase energy,
– strengthen body organs,
– increase fertility & virility

The Bottomline…
Superfoods can help you live longer, feel better and enjoy a healthier lifestyle and achieve a greater level of fitness.
Experiment and Enjoy ; )