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"Il y a deux réponses à cette question, comme à toutes les questions tu le sais bien: celle du poête et celle du savant. "

- Pierre Bottero, French author

Water & Weight, a way of life

By Paul van Beers on 02 September 2012

Growing up in a large family becomes rare these days. Most parents today have 2 or 3 children at the most. Large families however, are a lot of fun. Having to grow up with 5 sisters, I know what I speak off. I also have had the privilege to know more about the little secrets and worries that women have and their ways of dealing or not dealing with this. For instance, their constant love/hate relation with the mirror and not to forget, the weighing scale. Woman and increasingly men these days as well, fight a constant battle with their self esteem and it all comes down to the magic figure that shows up in front of their feet; their weight on the scale.

There are many ways to deal with the issue of weight and many people follow all kind of diets for a few weeks. In general the results are not very encouraging and any weight loss in the beginning is soon compensated with a gain in weight in the after stage. Main reason if course, is that people have to change or to adjust their lifestyle rather than their diet.

This is easier said than done of course. But a new way of achieving good results is available nearly everywhere and at very low cost. I remember that one of my sisters one day came up with the “water diet”, or better, how to use water to loose weight. Let me explain some more about this, maybe you do not want to loose weight yourself, but this old fashioned water lifestyle has some interesting aspects that are always helpful.

What does water has to do with your weight?
I already mentioned that it is common knowledge that about 75% of our body is water. But what to do with this information in regards to controlling your weight? Does it mean that the easiest way to loose weight is simply to drink less water? No, that wouldn’t be such a good idea. Water in our body is the carrier of nutrients (minerals, salts, vitamins) in the body, it keeps the pressure in your cells, muscles and brains (too little water will cause your cells to shrink and causes headache (very common and typical reaction after a night with too much alcohol and too little water). Water is also the cleaning agent for your body, removes toxins as well as improving bowel movement and its disposal. Besides, water is needed to avoid overheating and the water damp in your breath keep your lungs clean.

Water is the most important ingredient of our daily body needs, but we know that we just take it for granted and don’t manage our internal water system very well, most of the time. This will probably change if you start becoming aware that simply drinking more water is also the most effective way to control your weight and feel really good at the same time. How does it work?

The good news is, water lifestyle goes perfectly well with your normal eating habits. This is the strongest point of the water diet; you don’t have to give up the nice food, on the contrary, you can continue to enjoy (of course minimizing snacking in between meals), as long as you just keep to a few simple water diet rules.

How to start? You need to have at least one or more small size water bottles at hand. Best is to find yourself some of these nice “Jointhepipe.org” bottle, of 250 ml. You can get them now in many colors, so choose a color that reminds you of something nice, a color that brings back good memories. Now it becomes easy. You just fill your lifestyle bottle with Tap-water and start to use it during the day. Rule number 1 is of course, that you promise yourself that you fill up the bottle as soon as it is empty, or nearly empty. It is important to fill it up right away and have it always standby, ready to use. That’s all. Simply by doing this, you will loose weight. So far so good, looks easy, but there are also some pitfalls to be aware of.

Rule Nr. 1. When you wake up, immediately drink all the water that was left in the bottle before you went to sleep. Drink it all and say loud to yourself “Thank you, Good Morning!” Don’t ask me why you have to say something, just do it and you find out yourself why this is important, that is the best way. Get dressed etc. and before you have your breakfast, fill your little friendly bottle and drink your first glass of water on the side..

After breakfast, make sure that you have your Jointhepipe Tap-water bottle of bottles ready to use. In other words, prepare your ammo for the day. In fact, I would recommend at least having 3 separate small Jointhepipe Tap-water bottles of 250 ml. to be filled in the morning before breakfast.
One to take with you during the day and another one in the bedroom and one in the bedroom on stand by. Soon the filling up of all these bottles becomes your daily ammo on water will become a habit that also reminds you that you are now finally really a healthy lifestyle.

Rule Nr. 2. Drink and finish at least one complete Jointhepipe Tap-water bottles during the morning and in the afternoon and also one in the evening, but avoid drinking water during or directly after a meal.

Rule Nr. 3.
Before you go to bed, take the bottle with you and finish half of the bottle while saying “Good night”. As explained above, you drink the other half as soon as you wake up, saying “Thank you, good morning”.

That is all, quite simple. Maybe that is also why it may be a bit difficult to start, you first have to get used to the idea. But once you get into the rhythm of the water diet and start loosing weigh, you become a “water-addict” and feel different, better, with more energy. You will see that you soon are more in control of what you eat and your weight is not so much of a problem anymore. You have a secret friend and it’s all inside the bottle and freely available from Tap. Just clean and simple, honest “Fair” water. It has changed your life for good and the better.

FAQs (Frequent Asked Questions):

1. Should I give up smoking and drinking? Well, it goes without saying that smoking and alcohol isn’t particularly good for your body and health. OK, we all know that, but it isn’t easy to cope with it. No worry, with the water diet you just continue your nasty smoking and drinking habits. However, you have to stick to one important rule: For every cigarette or glass of alcohol, you MUST also drink one whole glass of water. Easy? You bet. Again, don’t ask me why you have to do this, just do it and you find out why you soon will feel much better.

2. What is better, cold water or warm water? The answer is simple; it depends on how you feel yourself. Warmer water has the surprisingly advantage that it refreshes your mouth better, so it’s good if you have to speak a lot. Cold water is obvious nice in a warm climate, but you have to drink it slower to get your body adjusted to the cold temperature.

3. Can I mix the water with something for a better taste? Yes, of course, if you don’t mind the effort of preparing your own water mix and cleaning the cups, please do so. I would advice making a mix of lemon juice and honey and make small ice-cubes of it. You can put these in your water cup or Jointhepipe bottle, delicious after 12.00 o’clock, especially on a sunny day!

4. How much water should I drink per day? This depends on how much kilos you want to loose. The basic amount of the water diet is 1 glass to wake up and one glass before each meal. In between the meals and in the evening, you use the 250 ml small Jointhepipe Tap bottle. The day is finished with again one glass before to going to sleep. That makes a minimum of 5 glasses and 3 Jointhepipe Tap-bottles, or at least 1,5 liter of water per day for an average healthy lifestyle.
If you want to loose weight in addition to that, as a general rule, for every pound you want to get rid of, you should drink at least one extra Jointhepipe Tap-bottle in between the meals, with a maximum of 5 extra bottles per day. But set your targets realistic, aim at a slow slim rate of 1pound less per week, which means 2 Jointhepipe bottles in between the meals, or a total of about 2,5 liter of water per day.

5. Should I drink water during the meals? Better not, but sometimes hard to resist. In that case, drink no more that one glass of water before you eat or in the beginning of a meal, not after the meal. Why? Too much water in your stomach slows down the digestion process, while a little water before the meal will stop you from overeating as well.

6. Can I really eat anything else and still loose weight? Yes, basically you can as long as you keep your water balance as described. However, starting to be a “water-person” now is a great opportunity to also adjust your eating habits a bit. This will boost your weight loss tremendously. Eat less carbohydrates as bread, rice, spaghetti, cakes. If you do eat carbs choose for whole grain as it contains more nutrients and it will satisfy you quicker than white bread etc.  Eliminate production meat, such as pork meat and chicken from chicken farms. This is from poor animals that were produced and fed only with the purpose to grow fat and by eating their meat you will soon look alike.

7. What are the specific advantages of the water diet? First of all: it works, no need to say more. But in addition, the water diet also will have a great positive effect on your skin and reducing wrinkles. Last but not least, it’s very cheap, because in most circumstances you can just use Tap-water. Remember, to use one or more Jointhepipe bottles for your diet.

8. Should I also do exercise and do sports with the water diet?  The water diet will work by itself. However, if you stick to the simple rules, you soon will feel much better and probably would like to go for a walk with your Jointhepipe Tap-water bottle in between the meals and have a water drink outside! In that case, do not resist and follow your natural instinct for fresh air, fill your bottle and go for it.

Paul van Beers is founder of www.fairwater.org and a regular contributor for Diaforlife.
For more information about Jointhepipe please visit their website here.