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"A part of kindness consists in loving people more than they deserve."

- Joseph Joubert, French moralist philosopher


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Aerial yoga, yoga in a hammock - Fly through your yoga poses!

Aerial yoga, yoga in a hammock, gives a complete different dimension to yoga and other bodywork techniques. Read more

yoga at my school

Are you a yoga teacher in an elementary or high school and want to inspire other schools to start practicing yoga too? Let us know and we' ll show your school on our Yoga page!

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Awareness Made Actionable (8): Letting Go Of Stress

Stress is a natural reaction to certain situations - it is part of life. Stress however becomes a problem when it becomes chronic and we find ourselves… Read more

Lumi Power Yoga - London based Hot Power Yoga Studio

Lumi Power Yoga opened their doors in September of 2013, classes have been filling up quickly as they have been able to put together a team of great yoga… Read more

What is Yoga according to Mark Chaves - Bali based Yoga Instructor

One of my main duties is to share knowledge of Yoga.  Read more