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"The first ingredient of political stability is an informed citizen... And the first ingredient of social justice is an enlightened society. Education is thus the key to global peace and prosperity."

- Kofi Annan, UN Secretary-General


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Interview with Kino MacGregor - International Yoga Instructor

Kino MacGregor is an international Ashtanga Yoga teacher, co-founder of Miami Life Center and founder of Miami Yoga Magazine. In September Kino is coming… Read more

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Are you a yoga teacher in an elementary or high school and want to inspire other schools to start practicing yoga too? Let us know and we' ll show your school on our Yoga page!

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Interview with Vinyasa Energetic Flow teacher Alessandra Pecorella

Alessandra is a London based Vinyasa Flow yoga instructor and founder of the Aditya Yoga School for Conscious Living, a school that aims to transmit the… Read more

Interview with Esther Ekhart, Yoga instructor

Many yoga minded people have had the opportunity to meet Esther over the years. She has posted numerous excellent Youtube videos meant for yogis from all… Read more