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Interview with Vinyasa Energetic Flow teacher Alessandra Pecorella

By Sharda ten Hove on 09 July 2013

Alessandra is a London based Vinyasa Flow yoga instructor and founder of the Aditya Yoga School for Conscious Living, a school that aims to transmit the foundations of Yoga. Diaforlife met with this incredible dynamic and creative italian lady in London.

What or who brought you on the yoga path?

I came to this path thanks to a very witty Yogini Mother and my vivid interest for the mysteries of the Universe and Life in general. I have always had a very inquisitive mind that had to scratch under the surface of things to find the deeper meaning of things and the
teachings of Yoga have met me where I was. And still at today these teachings continue to keep me intrigued.

You are a qualified Vinyasa Flow, Ashtanga, Kriya yoga and Prana Flow instructor. Which one of these Yoga styles you love teaching most and/or do you combine these styles in your classes?

Kriya and Prana Flow are my roots and I combine them in a style that I call Energetic Flow Yoga. There is no need to give it a name but basically Energetic Flow Yoga has a strong accent on the Energetic body. For me to experience Yoga means that i’m taking an inner journey to feel/ be in the pranic body. The emphasis is on harnessing Prana ,the electricity that keeps us alive, so it is for me natural to combine the subtle breathing techniques and awareness on chakras that I have learned in Kriya with the beautiful way we move the body in Prana Flow.

You have completed your studies in India under the guidance of swami Kriyananda. How has this inspirational swami influenced your life and how do you see this integrated in your own teaching.

Swami Kriyananda that I have followed in his communities both in Italy and California, has initiated me into the Tradition of Kriya Yoga when I was 22 yrs old. That was a turning point in my life and I was ready to give up everything else to fully focus on Yoga ( at the time I was
pursuing my studying in Electronic Engineering ). He subtly suggested that I should combine the two ( spiritual path and Electronic Engineering) and that I take an interest in the electromagnetic field of the body which has then become and still is at today one of the most fascinating subjects of my studies.
I can say that I ‘m passionate about combining Science and Spirituality as they were not originally separated,and love offering an interpretation of yogic principles in a more realistic way.
Swami was a very generous, humanitarian, optimistic, humble, super grounded human being and very insightful and inspiring spiritual guide and the founder of numerous self sustaining communities that live based on Yogic principles
I see his teaching integrated within me as I value tremendously having a Sangha,Yogic community ( I call it my extended family) and all the values that Swami embodied are the ones I wish to pass on.

What do you aim to transcend in your classes?

My aim is that the participants experience a state of Yoga/ Coherence/ Integration/ Union. It is a very specific state of Mind/ Body/Awareness
Asanas are key to a healthy body and a healthy body helps us evolve and live a better life, but they are not the end of the story…only the beginning!
I like to offer to the students a variety of techniques that they can use in all sorts of occasions, from chanting mantras to visualisation, from taking little journeys of awareness within ( with concentration and subtle Kriyas) to different types of pranayama and Mudras / gestures.
I always strive to ignite the student’s passion for their own very unique way of embodying a particular quality, a mood and I encourage them to be very clear about their intentions on and off the mat.
I promote a very inclusive and supportive sense of collaboration between the students as we are better working together that against one another and our experience of life force /prana is multiplied when there is this subtle connection amongst us.
This experience of togetherness is initiated by breathing rhythmically in sync and then eventually reflects in our hearths syncopating ( means beating as they were one big heart!). That is called Collective Coherence( another definition for Yoga!)

You recently started the Aditya Yoga School for Conscious Living, through which you wish to transmit and share the ancient techniques of yoga. Can you elaborate on this?

Aditya Yoga School for Conscious Living was founded for those dedicated students of Yoga that wish to take their practice and experience of Yoga to a deeper level and eventually pass
on this beautiful teachings and spread them in their own communities. After ten years of continuous teaching I find that there is only so much i can offer in the context of a class and a workshop hence the School has been conceived! It was all a very organic process that I haven’t forced, it really make sense to me and so far I have met the enthusiasm of amazing yogins that want to be part of it. I’m grateful to all that have supported me and made this possible, from my beloved husband to amazing friends and collaborators!

What in your eyes is necessary in being a good teacher.

A good teacher is Honest , Passionate , Generous , Dedicated, Clear , Focused , Down-to Earth, Innovative, Creative , Courageous, Knowledgeable , Humble, Connected with Spirit, Receptive, Elevating, Inspiring , Motivating and in Love with People! I know is a lot of qualities all in one person…

Do you have a message to share with our readers?

I think I have been talking a lot already! So Thanks for reading me.

Eager to take a class with Alessandra? Check out her website www.alessandrayoga.com.
For more information about her teacher training visit the Aditya Yoga School.

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