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"Others have seen what is and asked why. I have seen what could be and asked why not. "

- Pablo Picasso, Spanish visual artist


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Short energizing yoga morning practice on the beach with Sara Tapia Espinosa

Ahhhh yoga on the beach. Not all of us live in Playa del Carmen but if you go on a beach holiday this summer, take this one with you. Otherwise practice… Read more

yoga at my school

Are you a yoga teacher in an elementary or high school and want to inspire other schools to start practicing yoga too? Let us know and we' ll show your school on our Yoga page!

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Aerial yoga, yoga in a hammock - Fly through your yoga poses!

Aerial yoga, yoga in a hammock, gives a complete different dimension to yoga and other bodywork techniques. Read more

Balance in the body - Yoga Sequence with Playa del Carmen based Yoga instructors Alan and Sara.

Join Sara and Alan in this balancing sequence that they recorded for Diaforlife.  Read more

Hip Opener Sequence with Playa del Carmen based teacher, Alan Montaño

Alan is one of the 4 gifted teachers from the yoga studio Yoga District in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. Have a look, or better participate in this hip opener… Read more

Creative Surya Namaskar Sequence with Alessandra Pecorella, Vinyasa Energetic Flow teacher

This creative Namaskar is based on a Mandala ( circular rotation around the mat ) Virabhadrasana 2 and Anjayenasana . A Mandala means a circular pattern,… Read more

Yoga Sequence for Grounding and to Lift the Spirits by Esther Ekhart

View the video that Esther made especially for Diaforlife. Esther has over 77.000 followers who have been practicing yoga with her through her videos.… Read more

Heart Opening Sequence with LA Yoga instructor Desi Bartlett

Desi Bartlett is specialized in pre and post natal yoga. She prepared this sequence especially for mommy's but working to open the shoulders and heart… Read more