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"To be content with what one has is the greatest and truest of riches."

- Marcus Tullius Cicero, Roman statesman & philosopher

Heart Opening Sequence with LA Yoga instructor Desi Bartlett

By Sharda ten Hove on 02 October 2012

Desi Bartlett is specialized in pre and post natal yoga. She prepared this sequence especially for mommy's but working to open the shoulders and heart is good for everybody so anyone can practice this sequence.

Desi has a passion for helping mommy’s through their journey of becoming mothers and especially for Dia, she recorded this video for anyone who wants to experience a joyful practice. Enjoy!
You can read a full interview with this inspiring teacher here!

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Sharda ten Hove

Founder, Ethical Vegan, Yogi, Social Activist

Sharda was born and raised in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Descended from an Indian mother and Dutch father, she received a multi-cultural upbringing during which she gained a broad perspective on life.…  Read full bio