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Yoga sequence with Yoga and Pilates instructor Adri Keyser from Texas, USA

By Editor on 01 June 2012

Adri Keyser is a Global leading Vinyasa/Prana Flow® Yoga and Pilates Teacher with over 8 years of experience and over 1800 hrs of combined training. Adri has created an unique approach in her style of teaching. Her mission is to help students awaken and reconnect with their inner beauty. Her classes are fun, inspiring and dynamic. You can watch her video and follow her practice. Below is the written sequence of her video. Enjoy!

Building Strength and Keep Heart Open by Adri Keyser

Start in Chair Pose with arms open to side and elbows bent lifting heart (Hold)
Keeping left knee bent step back with Right leg and balance (Like Warrior 3 with front knee bent) Hold 3 breaths
Anjaneyasana (Hold 3 breaths)
Downward Dog (Keep Right leg lifted)
Wild Thing (Hold) 3 Breaths

Anjaneyasana (Low lunge) with arms
Virabhadrasana 3 (Warrior 3) keep same arm position or release for better balance
Standing Splits
Low crescent to ardha hanumanasana (Sit on knee, stretch out front leg, bow forward)
Eka pada Rajakapotasana II (One legged king pigeon pose II) prep plus Dharma Mittra variation- Mermaid
Salabhasana (Lie on belly, contract legs, lift legs + chest)
Upward dog
Downward dog

Repeat other side