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"Little by little, one travels far."

- J.R.R Tolkien, English writer

Africa Yoga Project - Rewind, Recap: What We’ve Been Up To

By Miranda Adler on 06 August 2013

The process of stretching one’s body is similar to that of stretching boundaries. Both take patience and determination, an open heart and practice. Africa Yoga Project (AYP) has been up to some big things that we’d love to share.

Kicking it Kenya Style: We’re proud to announce that 150 participants downward-dogged their way through our first ever 200 hour Teaching Training program in Kenya. During our Seva Safari in Nairobi this past April, 115 took the training on scholarship. From Canada to Ghana, Israel to Ethiopia, the United States to Sierra Leone, yogis from all over are now ready to take their training off the mat and into the world; some will teach with Africa Yoga Project, others will create their own outreach programs, and all will spread their stories and bring their experiences into their teaching.

Reaching Out: We’re getting ready for our first annual fundraiser, 7 Continents, 1 Love. The theme of this year’s yoga event, Connect Through the Heart, invites participants to experience the power of listening through silence on the mat during a silent yoga class. Proceeds benefit our growing special needs program. 7 Continents, 1 Love will be a global event that will take place November 8th – 10th.  If you are interested in becoming a lead ambassador and host an event, email: info@africayogaproject.org.  For more info, visit www.africayogaproject.org.

Lend a Hand: There are many ways to get involved with Africa Yoga Project. Volunteers can go to Kenya by joining Seva Safari or our ambassador program. To participate in your own community, look into becoming a mentor or tribe member. Donation yoga classes, documentary screenings, or simply sharing our story are all helpful in getting the AYP mission out to others!

african yoga project dancers pose
Africa Yoga Project is an organization dedicated to delivering all that yoga has to offer to the diverse communities of East Africa.The mission of Africa Yoga Project (AYP) is to educate, empower, elevate and employ lives from East Africa through the power of yoga. The organization was founded in 2007 and has since then grown extraordinary!

miranda adler
At barely 5 feet tall, Miranda was clearly destined to be a traveler, how else could she fit in a comfortable, cross-legged position during international flights? A freelance travel journalist, Miranda has gone skinny-dipping in the Nile River, had a near-death zip-line experience on the French Riviera and lived in a tent for months in a rural Kenyan village. Her love for Africa, and a tip from a best friend in Australia, brought her to AYP. She hopes to use her storytelling skills to share AYP’s amazing mission. For more about Miranda, visit mirandaadler.com.