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"Our bodies are our gardens to which our wills are gardeners."

- William Shakespeare, English author

An introduction to Yogastrology, it’s all in your spine!

By Diane Booth Gilliam on 01 August 2012

At Yogastrology, we combine yoga wellness practices with astrology, attuning ourselves with universal power by aligning our practices with the cyclical rhythm of the Sun and Moon. For centuries, astrologers have consulted the stars to recommend the best times for marriage or starting a new business. Astrology helps with the timing of things, guiding us to achieve more optimal results.

I’ve been immersed in the study and practice of yoga for more than 30 years. Eventually, I came to understand that every asana (yoga pose) ultimately relates to the spine—the spine really is the key to the practice of yoga.
Within the spine lies the Sushumna, the subtle body energy channel (also called a nadi) that embodies kundalini Shakti—the energizing power of the universe. On either side of the Sushumna, there are two additional nadis; their names are Ida and Pingala.
Ancient yogis knew that Ida and Pingala align our bodies with the Sun and Moon, at dawn and dusk every day. That explains why the term hatha, as in hatha yoga, means Sun and Moon in Sanskrit: ha = Sun, and tha = Moon.

The chart below shows the signs, their traditional correlations with areas of the body—and the Yogastrology themes that serve to guide us deeper and deeper into states of wellness and fulfillment in our lives.

Aries. Head. Mars. Relaxation.
Taurus. Neck. Venus. Abundance.
Gemini. Shoulders. Mercury. Mindfulness & Ease.
Cancer. Chest. Moon. Openheartedness.
Leo. Spine. Sun. Courage & Humility.
Virgo. Abdomen. Mercury. Surrender.
Libra. Lower back. Venus. Giving & Receiving.
Scorpio. Pelvis. Mars & Pluto. Transformative Breath.
Sagittarius. Hips. Jupiter. Pilgrimage.
Capricorn. Knees. Saturn. Dharma.
Aquarius. Ankles. Saturn & Uranus. Strength & Unity.
Pisces. Feet. Jupiter & Neptune. Foundations.

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Diane Booth Gilliam, M.A., E-RYT, created Yogastrology: yoga synched up with 12 powerful, natural cycles for happier bodies and greater spiritual awakening. Ms. Booth Gilliam’s wanderlust has led her along a serpentine path—through a M.A. in Philosophy; ten years of ashram life in India and Australia; 33+ years of hatha yoga study and practice woven in with a very successful yoga teaching career; a brief tryst with qi gong in China; and an unapologetic string of life-changing relationships with people, places, poetry, and the planets. Today Diane Booth Gilliam leads people to embody their potential and live a more beautiful life. Visit yogastrology.com.