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"To be content with what one has is the greatest and truest of riches."

- Marcus Tullius Cicero, Roman statesman & philosopher


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Yoga as a lifestyle

Today yoga is very much focused on the physical form, a way to strengthen your core in an hour class and then you are done for the day. Yoga is about starting… Read more

yoga at my school

Are you a yoga teacher in an elementary or high school and want to inspire other schools to start practicing yoga too? Let us know and we' ll show your school on our Yoga page!

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Enlightenment Indian style

The leaves are falling from the trees in that part of the world where I come from. Autumn is blossoming in beautiful colours enlightened by the Indian… Read more

5 Books that Should be on your Yoga Instructor’s Bookshelf

This is a 'top 5' list of books that should probably be on your bookshelf if you are a Yoga Instructor. Just ike my teachers, these texts that I am about… Read more

Deepening Your Child’s Pose

Have you ever thought about the meaning behind "Child's Pose" aka Balasana? The meaning of this pose lies in the our spine's very first Primary Curve. Read more

The butterfly effect of Karma Yoga: A climb into the new year

P-e-a-c-o-c-k. Peacock! Big smile missing one tooth is looking up towards me. My heart melts. With his tiny little finger Kishor follows the spelling of… Read more

Does practising Yoga have anything to do with Emotional Intelligence?

Why are corporate "suit" types practising Yoga and Meditation? What is all this hype about Emotional Intelligence (EI or EQ)? And why are Yoga practitioners… Read more

What’s An Advanced Yoga Practitioner?

“I am not good at Yoga. I am not advanced. Is Yoga hard?”
If I had to do a scientific study (hmmm maybe, I will) on the very… Read more