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Why I became vegan and how veganism is strongly related to poverty alleviation and social business

I was a vegetarian for 25 years before I became a vegan. In my last year of being a vegetarian I realized I was eating very few foods derived from animals,… Read more

Organic Vegan Kheer - Popular Indian Rice Dessert

The original Indian dessert is with milk and sugar. Mine is organic, vegan and no sugar. And really very good + super quick and easy to make!  Read more

Hip Opener Sequence with Playa del Carmen based teacher, Alan Montaño

Alan is one of the 4 gifted teachers from the yoga studio Yoga District in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. Have a look, or better participate in this hip opener… Read more

Panchakarma - an ayurvedic cleanising program

Elisa is a London based yoga instructor and just returned from a Panchakarma retreat in Kerala, India. Panchakarma is a self referral cleansing program… Read more

A walk through a Roma Community in Eastern Slovakia

It is difficult to describe the feeling of walking through a Roma community settlement in Eastern Slovakia. Roma are known by majorities as the” gypsies”… Read more

Centrepoint - The organization helping young homeless people to get their lives back

Centrepoint is a UK based charity organization. Their vision is to end youth homelessness and their mission is… Read more