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mark l chaves

Independent Consultant, Writer, & Photographer

Mark became a consultant, writer, and photographer after working in the software industry for 20 years in Fortune 500 companies. He recently transitioned from his roles as a Wellness Consultant and Activity Coordinator for COMO Hotels and Resorts. Yoga came into Mark’s life in the early 2000s as a way to “cross train” the physical body. His teachings come from the Raja or Royal Yoga lineage from India and Vajrayana Buddhist philosophy from Bhutan.

Mark is a certified RYT 200 with Yoga Alliance, certified Sport Rock Climbing Instructor with the Singapore Mountaineering Federation, and certified PADI Divemaster. He was previously a certified snowboard instructor with the American Association of Snowboard Instructor’s and raced with the United State Cycling Federation and National Off-Road Bicycling Association. Mark was also an avid surfer, sailor, ice hockey player, and competitive tennis player.

While living in Southern California, Mark worked with at-risk youth teaching rock climbing, snowboarding, and surfing. He lives in Bali, Indonesia where he writes, photographs, and provides training workshops.



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